Samstag, 22. August 2015

Application Documents


08_Don Lucio, Amatlán, Morelos / Mexico 1979

Outer frame: 16 black&white analog photographs on baryt paper,
90 x 80 cm
Inner frame: 8 black&white analog photographs on baryt paper,

44 x 54 cm

Documentation of a pagan-Christian ritual at an old site of sacrifice
in the mountains. The healer Don Lucio has founded a group of
natives who also accept members of European origin. Their rules
are based on preservation of archaic knowledge, tolerance, respect
of nature and sharing.



07_ Memory Frames, photographic diaries since 1978

The diaries are a central thread running through my artistic work, which
include artistic representations as well as the narrative. Since my film studies
at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1978-79, I have also used the medium of
photography to create Memory Frames, which represent silent films about
people and places from my life. As in a diary, everyday images are
photographically recorded within the form of a picture frame and combined
into a story.








06_Fragments of the Other, ongoing since 1999

Free to change: work in progress.
An artistic dialogue between Gisela Weimann, Berlin/Germany
and Andor Kömives, Cluj-Napoca/Romania

Since 1999 we exchange pictorial fragments from our worktables
to create collages. These image-fragments are transformed and
assimilated in whatever way each of us wants, regardless of the
copyright issue. Our collaborative work process overcomes the
anxious insistence on our own, distinctive style and opens the
pleasure of enjoying the mystery and the enrichment of otherness
in a playful visual dialogue until the magic number of 1001 collages
is reached. So far more than 400 collages  sized 29,7 x 21 cm
have been produced.

05_Above all the Stars_ongoing since 2005



Inspired by the publications that accompanied the Einstein Year,
the latest theories of quantum physics and the speculations about
parallel universes I began to create my own universe in the drawer.
My working process, that could be compared to the Boulle inlay
technique, simulates infinity in a manageable way. Each cut out
‘planet’ results in providing me with the material for the next collage.
The titles of the unfinished working series include:
Remote Worlds, Alien Planets, Dying Stars, Supernovae, Milky Way,
Cosmic Night  and Worlds behind Worlds.

Image: „World behind Worlds V“, gouache, crayon, multi-layered
collage, 29,7 x 21 cm, 2013

04_Image and text for Pea(ce Soup_2012

Dedicated to Pauline Oliveros for her 80th birthday

The Pea(ce Soup is the third dish from my "Kitchen Symphony in

Five Courses with Service." The recipe of the American sound artist
Pauline Oliveros uses peas and peace as ingredients for her
electronic soup and combines them with a pun into a currently
much-needed nourishment. The improvising soloists of the evening
Katia Guedes, Matthias Badczong, Johannes Bauer, Friedemann Graef
and Ritsche Koch – come from Brazil, Germany and Austria and cross
naturally the borders between countries, cultures, and word meanings
as well as between different artistic genres. Their actions enter into a
playful dialogue with the composed music. The electronic sounds are
complemented and enhanced by the echo of rolling and rattling noises
of objects and sound hats. The singer is wearing a greenish, shimmering
silk dress in the form of a pea pod with removable peas that invite the
musicians to play. At the end of the performance the festival participants
will be served the Pea(ce Soup – vegetarian, of course:
peace also for the animals!

Gisela Weimann, design, costumes and staging, Berlin-Słubice 2012

03_Invitation à dîner à la Maison des Artistes

Installation with found objects from the studios at the
Maison d’Art Contemporain, Asilah/Morocco 2014